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Default Re: Sporting troll PLO8Killer

i am not saying these things as a stat-head, neither is tuq. don't try to frame this as a bunch of sabermetricians screaming for the heads of anyone who doesn't include VORP in their MVP voting.

i agree that banning people adds little, if anything to a thread. i think it was an OOT rule at one point and it's not a bad one. but banning those people is an odd place to start in a forum where you can say peyton manning [censored] the only person with an IQ lower than his (his mother) and get away with it.

you are free to do whatever you want. i am talking to you as a SE poster, not a mod, and i am telling you that i and many of my fellow posters (many of whom have very different views than my own) think that A LITTLE MORE moderation would help the forum. even without banning. even if it's just a few guidelines or suggestions, or the occasional PM to a truly terrible user. maybe you are doing things like that and we just don't know it, but based on your posts in this thread it seems not.

it's not like all the idiots and wingnuts are going to stop posting if one or two get reprimanded. trust me. i tried that. it doesn't work. [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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