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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread

If Hawaii is that good, they win in playoffs.

If Hawaii sucks, they get killed first round, discussion over.

[/ QUOTE ]
This argument is illogical for advocating a playoff. If Hawaii is a fraud, they would likely take a playoff spot away from a team that actually had a better chance of winning than they did. It's not like the NCAA basketball tourney where almost any team that has even a remote chance of winning is included. In an 8-team playoff including Hawaii, it would probably exclude ASU and Tennessee would would both beat the [censored] out of Hawaii.

[/ QUOTE ]

Going into the season most teams know that if they lose even once that theres a chance they won't get a title shot. Most teams fully expect that if they lose twice that they'll have no title shot. Therefore, I refuse to feel bad for those teams.

[/ QUOTE ]

and I refuse to feel bad for midmajors who are more than willing to jump into the adult pool knowing the rules beforehand

if they didn't want it that way, they could compete at the lower level, yet every school jumps at the chance

no pity here

they already make out like bandits in NCAAB tourney...eff them
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