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Default Re: Screen Writers Guild Strike?


Why don't you think they're worth it? A writer for Leno must be writing constantly, as it's a daily's hard work and a very high-pressure job.

Writers are the life-blood of Hollywood. Without them you'd be seeing nothing but reality shows.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree that writers are the life-blood of Hollywood but come on, $500,000 for the Jay Leno show?? Have you watched this show? You cannot have watched this show and think that the writers deserve half a million for it. I would sooner pay YOU half a million to come up with an original Dom script than I would pay the Tonight Show writers half a million. that show sort of sucks.

Yes I do love writers. I want to be a writer. But my point was, do we have any idea how much they are paid for a TV show? If the LOST writers are making $150,000 a year well they are worth every dime. But the Leno show? $75,000 max, that's what I say. Of course I'm speaking as a person who works very hard and is paid very little. There may be an element of envy in here somewhere.
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