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Default Re: Screen Writers Guild Strike?

The average union Loader gets paid about 100k after over-time. A loader does nothing more than wrap the camera in a garbage bag and load the film. I will admit that the Loader is usually an aspiring cinematographer or director of photography, and he is also educated.

Work in Hollywood is incredibly volatile and inconsistent. Even if a writer is making 200k to write a show, that writer may not have a job for a few years after the show ends. Most shows only last a few seasons. If you expand these salaries over a life time, it does not amount to much.

[/ QUOTE ]

The "they need residuals for when they're out of work for a while" angle is LOL if they're making $200K a year when they do work. If they can't save properly they're [censored] idiots. It's like when the NBA was trying to get a pension out of their strike in 1998...yea $350K a year minimum (effectively at least $500K) and you need a pension.
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