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Default Re: help with biochem problems, any bio/chem people out there!!

For question 1, i've used the equation to find pi, the osmotic pressure, but i think i'm wrong in my calculations of n.
i'm using R = 0.08206 L-atm/K-mol
T =310K
V = 6.545 x 10^-17L (i used the outer diameter given to find the volume of a sphere)

n is confusing me, because since the 10 glycogen are broken down into 10000 glucose each, it seems as if the osmotic pressure would increase 10000 fold. i'm not sure if this is a correct assumption.

2. i used the equation for deltaG = RTln( [A+] in/ [A+] out ) + ZF?
F= faraday constant = 96485 C/mol
R=8.314 J/Kmol
T=310 K
Z = 1 (ionic charge of the molecules)

I also multiplied the K one by 2 because there were 2 molecules goin into the liposome, and for the Na I multiplied the answer is got by 3 because there were 3 molecules taken out of the liposome.
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