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Default Re: A hand that was probably misplayed

I don't MIND the 3 bet on the flop, but... Ugh... CO coldcalling for 3 bets on the flop is a dead give away that he is on a heart draw or a straight draw, perhaps a slowplayed JJ or 99. Either way it's gross that he cold called 3.

I check the turn because all those draws just cashed in and we are still behind to perhaps a slow played set. The pot is pretty sweet now, so I don't imagine folding is an option, but I certainly think checking is better than any other line due to the cold call behind us.

I should also check call the river.

I made a post two days ago in small stakes limit about a bad fold I made with top pair. Folding top two in a big pot... You are getting too good of odds to fold without reads.
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