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Default Re: 1/2 deepstacked double flush draw

I am still undecided on this hand. I know it is hard to definitively say what the best play is without knowing roughly the frequency that the turn bet is a tilty bluff with air, but this was an unknown player so I didnt have much to go off. Check-folding was appealing at the time, but the fact that I was getting 2-1 with hand that was likely to be good if it hit suckered me in. I was planning to push any card that made my flush on the river, and expected to be called by worse a fair amount of the time, especially if the backdoor draw came. A low board pairing I would consider check/calling to snap of a bluff.

Given that plan on the river, are my reverse implied odds etc. strong enough to dissuade a call, since it does seem like I am getting the right price to play.
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