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Default Re: explosion of coaching site spam and the fact? that mods are involv

I brought this up when the "Best MSNL coaches" thread was started. I thought it was probably not kosher, I was convinced otherwise. The cat is out of the bag basically, people have been discussing 3bet and LP coaches freely. We have coaches talking about what they do, we have people recommending coaches to one another. Either you just let this stuff fly completely or just crack down and refuse to allow anyone to mention anything related to coaching. I don't think the latter is unreasonable, it's just that these are our two options.

Allowing stupid loopholes like "url in profile only" and whatever just leads to people finding ways around loopholes. "Not coaching" in location, LP avatars, I mean come on. People aren't stupid, we aren't running a kindergarten here. Either we have a strong message that you have to pay to advertise, or have others advertise, your services around here, or we just let it all loose.
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