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Default Re: goal setting; the short term

in regards to poker, a great goal is to play X number of hands

also, u could set a budget and try to stay within that

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This is right on. Set goals for things you should be controlling.

You have a long term market plan, so let it do its own thing. You have a poker skill set, so let it do its own thing. (Studying both of these areas could of course make these even better.)

Setting a hand goal is a great idea -- increasing the EV of your net worth by a certain amount, but not focusing on a strict dollar amount (trend would be to play less when winning and more when losing if you did this).

Also, a budget isn't a bad idea. My idea of a budget is not wasting money on ridiculous luxury items, but also never hesitating to do something fun because of cost (like eating at a nice restaurant or golfing). The in betweens that could use some definition are random gadgets like new speakers or a gaming system.
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