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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread


With all the [censored] you were talking about Hawaii early in the game, I can only assume that you haven't followed the Huskies much this year. They have played impressively in the first half or first three quarters before, only to implode late in the game.

I still agree with you that Hawaii is not very good, but it might take a BCS team better than 8th in its conference to expose them.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well, this was a BCS team that is last in its conference and they pretty much DID expose them.

Anyone want to guess what the spread vs. Georgia/LSU will be? 20?

[/ QUOTE ]

Your words in the other thread were "pwned the heck out of the Rainbows".

You talk all this [censored] cutting down Hawaii and then when they win a tough game, you cut down the team they beat? That's about as hypocritical as it gets, man. Worst. Argument. Ever.

[/ QUOTE ]

How is it hypocritical. Getting dominated by a last place major conference team early then luckboxing out a late win do nothing but prove that they are a fraud who deserves zero top 25 votes.

[/ QUOTE ]

How on earth did they luckbox? Dude, you're destroying your credibility here. They outgained them significantly. They lost the turnover battle and missed out on 6 points due to their kicker being hurt....and they still won by 7. Again I'll ask: Why do you hate Hawaii? You're clearly biased.
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