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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread


when your QB is 42/49 with a zillion yards and 5 TDs how can you possibly argue they were outplayed? Without those fluky fumbles this would have been a rout.

[/ QUOTE ]


[/ QUOTE ]

Typical. Don't respond to the claim. Just laugh even though you know you're wrong.

I'm telling you, you're genius. Hawaii loses and you get to say "I told you so!" Hawaii wins and you bust out the "well, Washington is last place in the Pac-10" [censored]. You're awful.

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Hey, they had a nice little season slipping by one of the worst schedules in the nation with no losses when they probabaly should've had 2. Be happy.

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They beat everybody that was put in front of them. That's more than you can say for Illinois, or Ohio State, or that joke of a BCS title contender LSU.

All you can ever ask of any team is to go and take care of business. They did it, and they keep getting ducked by the big schools. That's all there is to it.

I never said they should be BCS champs, but they should get the respect they've earned.
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