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Default Re: PSA: One line answers

IMO - The point of posting hands in the first place is to uncover and understand the different elements you should be considering when deciding how to play a hand. You will be in many similar situations in the future, however, very rarely will you encounter the exact situation again. So, simply knowing the correct decision for a past situation w/out understanding the thought-process behind it leaves you unprepared for dealing w/ similar situations in the future. Clearly one should think on one's own about why a respondent might answer "call" instead of "raise". But presumably we've gone through this at the table when the hand was initially played, and yet still chose a different action for one reason or another.

edit: posted from perspective of one who receives MUCH more advice than he gives. obv ty's to all those who take time to give advice to the uNL'ers regardless of how many words you use.