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Default Re: Choose Your Own Adventure Vol I: The Road to Eleria

Page 2

Your motley band of mercenaries has been hired by a small queendom that is being attacked by its neighbor. The queendom dwellers have bravely fought the invaders to a standstill, but lack the specialized training and sheer numbers to force them back into their home area. At the moment, there is a standoff.

The queen has convinced her councilors to hire you to supply the necessary skills and manpower. Her country is a wealthy one, and the offer is generous…so generous that the band votes to accept it immediately, even though it will be a journey of some length and danger to reach the conflict.

It is an interesting time for you internally as well. While many members of your band are seasoned warriors, you suffered heavy losses in a recent conflict. You merged what was left of your band with another band (ironically enough, the band that had been hired by your opponents for that same battle) and have added significant numbers of green recruits, including some after you received the queen’s messenger.

So, while a few months ago you knew all of your fellow warriors, there are now more faces that are unfamiliar to you than you recognize. You volunteered for the advance party, paving the way for the main force…and when your party assembled this morning, you realized you have never worked with any of these fighters before, save your co-captains, GetThere1Time and VoraciousReader.

However, these are your companions in arms and you will all work together to bring your force safely to the coming battle. Surely there is no reason to mistrust anyone…

Turn to page 4.
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