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Default cbloom\'s log - Rippetoe & Frozen Shoulder

I'm gonna try to maintain a log. I'm in a different situation than all the fatties trying to drop weight, thought it might be interesting to see the difference.

Background :

I've always been pretty fit and worked out hard. About 6 months ago I crashed my bicycle and separated my shoulder. It's healed, but I still have lingering frozen shoulder. It's just recently gotten to the point where I can work out again, but I've lost a lot of strength. So, my goal is to get back in shape now. I want to get my cardio & overall fitness back & also restore strength / add muscle.

Current stats : 6'1" , 185 lbs. Desired weight is 190 lbs, but at a lower body fat %.

I've never done Rippetoe's program before so I thought I'd try that as my initial phase for quickly adding muscle. My schedule looks like this :

M,W,F : Rippetoe A/B workouts
T,Th,S : Physical Therapy for my shoulder and other little workouts (abs, cardio)
Sun : rest

For my diet, I'm just eating pretty normally, but trying to eliminate any empty calories (things like chocolate) and just eat as much lean protein as I can stand to help add muscle. I do a protein shake immediately after the workout.
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