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Default Re: mid-limit hold\'em in Vegas


I'm going to Vegas in April and want to play mid-limit hold'em, $10/20 or $15/30. I more or less know where the games are, but how do they compare?

When I went last year:

Mirage $10/20 and $20/40 were nitty
Bellagio $15/30 was fantastic
Wynn didn't get a game together.

What's the situation now?



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Dependig on the day/time each of the games you mentioned are either nitty or fantastic. It only takes one horrible player to make the 10/20 at Mirage the best mid limit game in town, and some days the 15/30 at Bellagio isn't the great game its known for. I've been at the Wynn days where the 15/30 plays as good as Commerce games, and others where its the worst game in the world. Lately Jim Brier has been playing the Wynn 15/30 daily, if that tells you anything.

In short try them all. If one game isn't good, leave and go somewhere else. Thats the best thing about Vegas, choice.

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