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Default Re: December Goals!!

December Goals
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Online Poker

1) 1000 $60’s
2) 30K hands of $2-$4 6max
3) VIP Freerolls

Analysis and Improvement
1) Utilize SitNGo Wizard and SNGPT to study each STT I compete in
2) Read the following poker literature:
<ul type="square"> A) The Poker Mindset
B) Winning in Tough Hold’em Games
C) Harrington on Hold’em Volumes I, II and III
D) The Psychology of Poker
E) No Limit Hold’em Theory and Practice
F) Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities[/list]3) Play every hand to the best of my ability
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Fitness and Health
1) Maintain a healthy diet and keep a food journal
2) Exercise daily at the gym - including at minimum one hour of cardiovascular or the equivalent using HIT training
3) Drink at minimum eight glasses of water each day
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Social and Relationships
1) Have a life, go have fun!
2) Take up snowboarding
3) Enjoy the holidays with family and friends
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