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Default Re: Etrade Potential Bankruptcy?

... but if you guys, supposedly knowledgeable people, are moving your money off, mom and pop will definitely run out of an illogical fear of bankruptcy as well.

[/ QUOTE ]

I haven't moved a dime out of my Etrade account. Nor do I plan to.

And I think a buyout would be for considerably more than $6 a share. Don't worry.

Etrade has the best trading platform in the business. Their sub-prime exposure is a lot smaller than people think. I believe it's a good company, and still a great buy at these prices.

Lehman says:

ETFC Target $19

"Last week, we hosted management of Etrade for a series of investor meetings. We walked away from the meeting and subsequent analysis of the company's mortgage exposure with the belief that Etrade has envisioned fairly difficult market conditions over the next several quarters, and that the provisions for loan losses that it anticipates taking will more than cover the likely losses through the end of next year. We therefore believe that the shares are overly discounted at current levels, and that stock represents an attractive buying opportunity."
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