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Default College Football Schedules 2008

As we wind down towards the end of the season (crazy one at that), lets take a look at some of the OOC games/important games next season-

2008 season-

-UF opens with Hawaii and then Miami the game after. While its not the Miami of old, UF/Miami is still a rivalry game. We also play FSU again. We also have LSU in the swamp, though not sure what it'll be like with all the changes/losses for LSU.

-USC has a very competitive schedule. They open with Virginia on Aug 30th, then play tOSU on the 13th of Sept at home. Should be a great game, both have been powerhouses the past few years, both recruit very well and both have bright futures in 2008.

I know that WVU plays Auburn as well. If White/Slaton are back (I doubt), it would be a great matchup.

These are all I know at the top of my head. Post some of your favorite team's scheduls next year, lets hear them.
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