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Default Re: Bhowani Junction

This is my own invention, and I have named it, just this instant, Bhowani Junction, after the film of that title. It is an adaptation of the game Iron Cross aka Fiery Cross aka Southern Cross.

In Iron Cross each player has two hole cards and a common card is dealt face up. A round of betting ensues. A further three common cards are dealt with a round of betting after each. Each card represents a point on the compass with the initial card being north. Finally, a card is dealt to the centre of the cross. There now ensues the final round of betting. No cards are wild. In conjunction with your hole cards you use north-centre-south to comprise your five card hand or east-centre-west. So if you had AA in your hand and the cards were dealth K (n) Q (e) J (s) T (w) J (c) you would either have AAKJJ or AAQJJ but as you can only use one axis of the cross you would use AAKJJ for two pair. The trouble with this is that card that must comprise your hand the centre card is dealt last.

Bhowani Junction: the centre card is dealt first, then north-east-south-west follow. Dealing the centre card first takes much of the variance out of it. You still have the five rounds of betting as normal. No cards are wild.

This adaptation is one of my better tinkerings...

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I think Bhowani Junction has the attributes to make it a mainstream poker variation...
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