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Default 13-card Nim Poker

aka "Nim-chinese-poker"

Each player in this game is dealt 13 cards. The table is marked with spots for four to eight 5-card hands and two to four 3-card hands. (2x and 1x the number of players.)

Each player in turn, starting to the left of the dealer, places one card face-up in one of the hands. Subsequent rounds alternate between placing cards face-down or face-up.

The player who completes a five- or three- card hand must pick it up immediately and play it as one of his three chinese poker hands. A player may not complete a hand if he has no more room to take it.

Once all hands are taken scoring proceeds as in chinese poker.

Variants: 2-7 in the middle, of course. You might also scrap the alternating face-up/face-down rule and play either all exposed or all face-down. Or require only the first card in each hand be exposed, etc.
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