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Default Re: Tournament Poker for Advanced Players??

Wow, Mason has a sense of humor, who knew?

boris, perhaps some of the reasons you mention are the reason to rerelease it, not a reason not to. I heard it has many new pages.

[/ QUOTE ]

I see how the limit discussion is of value, since it fills a niche. I admit that comment is off the mark.

But what about the fact that there is just horrible advice given in this book? On several occasions excessively tight play is advocated in NLHE MTT's, which may have been correct circa 1995, but nowadays this type of play will simply get devoured by the more aggressive styles that understand the necessity of taking risks. If you are consistently folding AQ and TT to reraises (mentioned in the "dont turn good hands into 72" section) then you are getting annihilated on resteals, particularly during the late stages.

Winning MTT's is all about constantly pushing small edges via aggressiveness, capitalizing on fold equity, etc. For Sklansky's recommendations to be correct, the rest of the field has to be really bad, and that simply isn't the case anymore, except perhaps in the WSOPME, or the Sunday Million (or generally tournaments with many satellite entries).
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