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Default Re: Mod Loses Prop Bet, Won\'t Respond To Me

Thread delivers. IMHO KyleB comes off very poorly in this thread, OP comes off well if a bit overeager, the $40k website dude comes off well and beset comes off mixed ways (smart, but a lawyer).

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Yeah the thread kinda annoyed me for a while but it gave me a whole bunch of people to add to my ignore list (OP, Bob and Kyle aren't any of those people, FWIW). I do think what happened to Bob, from Bob's perspective, clearly sucks, but I'm someone who has done, is doing, and will do business with Kyle in the future and his reputation is fine with me. But that's based on personal deals and successes and not on what's in this thread, but it's also why I don't judge many people based on what I read in threads and I certainly don't trust people or distrust people based on their online persona.


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Rob you can't ignore me YET bro