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Default Re: Venetian Reschedules NPL Televised Tournament for Bellagio Bustouts

If national television is considered to be a channel that can only be seen on HD and a "superstation" late nights, then good luck Allen.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ask yourself which one is better for the "sponsored" player who knows how to get a logo deal:

WPT - only 6 players out of 400+ get any TV time; coverage on a digital channel in GSN which clears about 62 million households (with about 300,000 households to tune in)

NPL - featured TV table each day, with players rotated onto the TV table every 2-3 hours; coverage on an ANALOG channel in WGN Superstation which clears about 90 million households (with about 180,000 households tuning in due to the late night time slot).

The only "top tier" TV events left in the U.S. are the WSOP and NBC heads-up.

Everything else gets relatively small audiences.

Given the choice between WPT and NPL, I am encouraging my clients to play the NPL strictly because it offers them a greater opportunity to be on TV so that they can generate "impressions" for their sponsors.
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