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Default Re: Venetian Reschedules NPL Televised Tournament for Bellagio Bustouts

WGN Superstation, by itself, reaches 90 million U.S. TV households.

Assuming that NPL will indeed air on WGN Superstation at 10pm Pacific/1am Eastern on either Saturday night or Sunday night, I anticipate that about 0.20% of WGN SS's total subscribers, or 180,000 households, will tune in on average.

Assuming 1.2 viewers per households, and assuming that 60% of the viewers are in the ages 18-49 demographic targeted by online poker "schools", one can estimate that NPL will draw 108000 targeted viewers per show.

Assuming that 1000 targeted viewers are worth $20 for every 30 seconds of logo exposure time, one can calculate that 30 seconds of logo exposure, or one "impression", on an NPL broadcast on WGN SS is worth $2590.

I actually like the way NPL will be doing the $5000 and $15000 events, with a featured TV table on each of the 3 days so that players can be rotated onto the TV table in order to generate "impressions" for their sponsors.
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