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Default Places to play 2-7TD for Europeans?

Subject pretty much says it all. I'd like to start playing some 2-7 unfortunately the games on Stars are pretty dead during non American prime time. I know UB has them but I don't really want to play there and regardless I would still be facing the same problem. Right now I see one 30/60, one 3/6 table and one .25/.50c table and someone waiting for opponents at 5/10 on stars. I don't know if that is the normal amount but it seems like during peak time there'd be at least one table per limit.

Are there any European sites that are 1) not shady 2) carry this game and 3) have a decent amount of players? Since I'm living in Europe any non-US sites would work.

Edit: GamesGrid and B2b seem to offer TD. Does anyone play on those sites and know how much traffic TD gets?
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