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Default ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

Hi, I would be grateful if anyone with a bit of experience of working bonuses off could point me in the right direction. I am from the UK and built my bankroll playing PLO8b at Party and then worked off the sign up bonsus at Full Tilt.

I stumbled onto the ipoker network through a blog I read. So Iíve started to work my way from skin to skin, they all vary slightly in what they offer, but Iím very happy with the sign up bonus and some other bonuses they throw in along the way. The best thing is that I earn points on every raked hand in which I am dealt cards, this doesnít penalise me for playing tight. The main problem is lack of games, but that is a problem with PLO8b at any site outside of Poker Stars or Full Tilt.

I was thinking of taking another slice of my bankroll and using it to work off sign up bonuses on other networks. So I would be effectively multi tabling across networks. I have checked out microgaming (32 Red) and ongame (Mansion) , both sites offer sign up bonuses but only award points to those players who contribute to a raked hand.

So my question is, would it be cost effective for me to try to work off the full bonuses considering realistically I will only be able to play 1x $100 & 1x $200 at a time for approx 25 hours a week? Maths is not my strong point but my gut feeling is probably not. I am happy with the size of my bankroll and see sign up bonuses as the equivalent of a short term rake reduction. Should I at this point be content with the ipoker bonuses and look to sites that offer rake back as my next step?
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