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Default Re: Couple of Minnesota Questions

Everyone should support the Grand Casino Hinckley $170 MTT on Saturdays because it is the best value MTT in MN in my opinion. Yes the blinds go up every 20 min compared to 30 at Canterbury but the rate that the blinds go up is almost exactly the same and you start with 10K in chips compared to 4K at CP giving you way more play.
Just be patient early and don't donk of everything with one pair and you have a great chance to go far.

The CP $230 and $440 MTT are decent structures and OK if you can't make it up to GC Hinckley.
The SNG's are unbelievably bad. You only start with like 300 chips and you need to be very aggressive early or you will be pushing 15 minutes in.

The Running Aces card club will open sometime next fall in Columbus Township just south of Forest Lake.
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