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Default Re: Couple of Minnesota Questions


The Hinckley Saturday tourny is pretty fun. $170 entry with about 110 players and first is usually ~$4800. 10k chips but the blinds go up every 20 minutes. The betting gets wild because the locals and tourists like to donk it up--even in the first few rounds. There are more and more CP'ers going up to play over the past few months. However, the dealers don't always have a sense of urgency with the short blinds. Sometimes they will talk in the middle of a hand. The locals are slow to act. So 20 minutes goes fast.

Canturbury Park has a Wed and Sun $230 MTT with 140-150 player fields and firsy is usually ~$8-9k. 4k chips and 30 minute blinds. The chips don't last long unless you are aggressive. They also have a $440 MTT the first Sunday each month. 4k chips and 40 minute blinds. About 80 players and a better field than the $230 MTT's. There also SNG's on Mon & Thurs, but the structure sucks.

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I played the Hinckley tourney for the first time on Sat. Went out about 18th of 80. The final 10 made the money. There were more than a few that went out in the first rounds donking it up. (I was pretty well card dead all day.)
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