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Default Re: 2-7 KC lowball tips?

2-7 game in SoCal area!?!?! Willing to PM me with info? I LOVE KC Lowball, and used to play it with friends regularly. Funny thing is we are all 19-21, and probably extremely rare people my age played that game regularly.

Anyways, IMHO, these are good tips:


As with any game, later position means you can open up more. I feel you can draw to 10's, rougher 9's OTB, and stay pat with J's every so often.

MP smooth 9's and better are always playable, 2 card 7 low draws are ok for a limp, as long as no raise ahead. Cite gap concept here, and 4-card 7's are always playable for a raise, or even a shove if its to the nuts. I think this goes for any position IMO.

EP, 8's and smooth smooth 9's. Never draw to worse than a 9-7 low, and even that is iffy.

As always, if you opponents suck, you can loosen calling standards.


Play 7-low draws more aggressively, and be willing to gamble more with 2 card draws against small stacks, as long as its not a lot of your chips. Tend to stand pat in position more, esp. when opponent is AI. You can rap pat with a Q-low w/ pos. against very small shorty, and J-low is small favorite against 1-card draw. Be willing to gamble a little more here, as you won't get many playable hands as much as you would in other games.
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