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At BARGE there is a team CHORSE tournament. Get 6 players together and each gets assigned one of the games. I believe they run the games in pairs, so while you are playing Crazy Pineapple, one of your teammates is playing Razz at another table. After each rotation the two stacks are evened up.

I believe there have been team/partnership events at the WSOP in the past as well.

I once I played a game where two partners get 10 cards and have to make two 5-card hands. IIRC it was played for high-only, which was sort of stupid. Perhaps a better approach is to play high-low, or award the pot to best and second-bet hands.

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There was a proposal at BARGE or ESCARGOT to have a collusion tournament. Tables would consist of five 2-person, or three 3-person teams, who would be attempting to collude. I believe the identity of the team members was to be kept secret.

I thought it was an intriguing idea, but it was rejected as politically incorrect.
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