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Default 2-7 Triple Draw - Walk through of a text book hand

I'm just starting to play again after a long hiatus, and have been playing 2-7 triple draw for the first time. I've read Dan N's SS2 chapter, and some stuff online, but I'm still trying to get handle on the basics of the game (having only played holdem before). So here's a hand, that's probably totally standard, I'm hoping we can walk through it a little bit. I'm new at table, and honestly am not totally sure what I"m looking for yet in terms of reads, so no reads at the moment.

5 handed, I'm CO w/ K9732
UTG limps, I raise, CO calls, SB folds, BB calls, UTG Calls

First Draw (8.5 sb) - 4handed
BB draws 3, UTG draws 2, I draw 2, CO draws 1 My hand after the draw is Q7432
BB checks, UTG checks, I bet, CO raises, BB folds, UTG folds, I call

Second Draw: (5.5 bb) heads up
I draw 1, CO draws 1. My hand after the draw is 74332
I check, CO Bets, I call

Third Draw (7.5 bb) heads up. My hand after the draw is 77432
I check, CO checks

My thinking in this hand looking back: Predraw looks fine. I think I could have 3-bet on the first draw though. CO cold calling then drawing one card is a little strange. thinking back, with my admittedly very limited skills, I would put him on a decent one card 8 draw. I have the best possible draw after the first draw, maybe I should be 3-betting him here? Same deal with the second draw. Like I said, I'm sure this is a totally average hand, but some analysis would be really helpful while I'm learning.
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