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Default Re: Some tough 2-7 spots.. Heres 1

3 bet pre for value. Have to punish him for starting rough when you do have a hand. I rather check some of the time before last draw when a card ahead with 2359 then not 3 betting 235 pre against an "aggresive spew tard". Especially since you say you have position (game is not HU).

The value from him is if you can make a hand after the 2nd draw, you should be able to get 3 big bets virtually every time, since he's so aggressive with any draw or any jack.

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Keep the 9 about ever time if he is so spewy and try to avoid putting in more than 2 big bets after 2nd draw.

c/r me after the second draw with such a wide range of hands

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Only the more reason to keep the 9? The rougher he pats/draws the better it is to draw to the 9.
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