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Default Re: Some tough 2-7 spots.. Heres 1

he's been destorying me as well lately, almost to the tune of 10k HU. A few months back we were 3 tabling and I took him for a big number, and he's definitely adjusting+running hot. He's likely really confident this week because he's just been destroying it.

If he checks, you definitely draw to the 9 here, but obviously makes the swings with his style very huge. If you draw 2, he'll lead into you with many weak hands on the 2nd draw, so with hands like 235 I keep the 9, and non straight possible 3 card hands I might be more inclined to ditch the 9.

The value from him is if you can make a hand after the 2nd draw, you should be able to get 3 big bets virtually every time, since he's so aggressive with any draw or any jack.

I too thought of 3 betting less pre since like you say, he never goes away until the river if you do, and he tends to be much easier to read in the smaller pots.
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