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Default Re: ***Official 2007-2008 NHL Season Thread***

you totally stole my official nhl season thread

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Sorry, but as the #1 fan of the reigning champs on 2+2, I figured I could call dibs on the official thread.

the west puzzles me. i don't really tihnk the ducks will do it again this year, though they could. i guess top dog is san jose... detroit will probably do as well or maybe a bit worse than last year, but I think Colorado will do very well. most think it'll be either CGY or VAN winning the NW but I'm going to go with COL

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The only thing holding me back from picking Colorado in the NW is goaltending. You could make the case that they have the worst goaltending in the division (not saying they do, but it could be close). Vancouver didn't really do much to address their offensive woes, so I don't like them.

While San Jose is really good, I don't see how they've leaped over Detroit in the offseason and they only leap over the Ducks due to the 2 "retirees".

BTW, I'm holding onto the hope for the Ducks that Nieds is holding out just long enough to get enough cap space for Selanne. I'll be happy with both returning near the end of 2007.
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