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Default PSA: One line answers

Im going to start cracking down on one line answers. It is just not good enough to come into a thread and say something like "call" with no justification for why you think that is the best course of action. Obviously, sometimes the hand is very obvious (should I go all in with AA preflop??!! ololool) but most of the threads here require more anaylsis than that.

So in future if I catch you making some weak-sauce reply like "call>>>raise>>>>>fold " and you dont explain your reasoning I'll just delete your post. If you keep on doing it I'll just ban you for a couple of days so you can think about it. These forums exist so we can help one another with our games and one line posts do nothing but clutter threads and piss off moderators.

If you don't know the answer to the hand posted, then ask a question like "should we really be stacking off with AQ here when I think that a big part of his range is sets?" or alternatively, just read and learn.



ps. call>>raise>>>>>fold obv