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He seems to be playing perfect 2+2 mid stakes poker. He doesn't chop, which is uncommon at Commerce $20-40. Everyone chops. Even the very good players. The only ones that don't chop are anti-social nits

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With the rake at Commerce, I wouldn't call someone who doesn't chop a nit. To the contrary, I'd call them a gambler. The amount of superiority over your opponent you have to have in order for blind vs blind 20/40 play to be profitable is unreal. I always chop in raked games, never chop in time charge games.

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Ok how did you calculate this? I think if you are in the BB, and the SB is pretty weak, then you can make money off them pretty easily.

The only thing is that you will have a disadvantage vs almost anyone in the sb vs the BB and you don't want to look like a scumbag only chopping one and not the other.

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I doesn't take much calculation. The house rakes $5, you tip a dollar. If both just call you are betting $20 to win $14. If there is a raise you are betting $40 to win $34. This is a bad deal in either case. Don't confuse winning frequently with coming out ahead.

At 40/80 it is not that bad, but still questionable. Not chopping is mainly for the big ego, not the big winner, in raked games.

And of course I'm talking about the average of the two blinds. Anybody in the big blind who would chip with you, knowing that you don't chop with the SB, would be a fool.
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