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Default Re: Resource Guide Thread List

The following threads are of the "life story" or "ponderings on existence" or "relationship thoughts" types or something like that. Don't bump these unless you have a really good reason (I'll lock threads once I feel they are pretty much done in terms of new discussion/content). I think a lot of members will find them interesting, though. A lot of interesting stories.

JaredL on being lazy and smart and maybe not achieving max potential

adsman on changing his life

James on taking advantage of $$/flexibilty from poker

gumpzilla on drive

Deez on relative levels of like/love in relationships

Cardo on what it's all about (locked)

Bruiser wondering why we write

Yeti on happiness

natedogg on kids

teddyfbi (and many others) on playing poker v getting a job

The Dude Converts

Why The Dude Converted