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About ten years ago I played in the Phoenix Open pro-am with Kirk Triplett. Super nice guy, a few months later I ran into him at a restaurant, he remembered me and we chatted. A few years after that I sat behind him at a D'Bags game (his season tickets are row one behind the dugout, sick) and he still remembered me. It's a common misconception that people in the spotlight forget others easily.

Jonathan Kaye - a few years back, I caddied for a friend in the pro-am and Kaye was his pro. Very cool guy, he was good at rooting for everyone in our group. One guy hit a shot that was headed towards two bunkers and Kaye yelled "GET IN THE TAINT", [img]/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img], in this case referring to the grass between them. I laughed but luckily I don't think the old people within earshot knew what a taint is.

He told me he'd been dating the same woman for almost ten years. I asked him why he hadn't gotten married yet and he said "because I'm afraid if I do, she'll get fat", heh.
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