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Default Re: Is This Insider Trading?

1. Favorable clinical trials at my company haven't been announced yet. So I can't buy the stock. But I short a competitor's stock.

2. I'm at a pay phone and I overhear the president of IBM lamenting the surprisingly bad earnings for this quarter as he speaks to the chairman on the neigboring phone. I short IBM.

3. I hear two apparent terrorists in the neigboring booth at a restaurant talk about throwing a bomb into the Wynn casino every day for a week. I notify the FBI but I also short the stock.

[/ QUOTE ]

you are using material nonpublic information to make bets on the market. are you dumb, this is all so cut and dry insider trading.... you understand that the idea behind insider trading is that you abuse the system and take advantage of NONPUBLIC information.

[/ QUOTE ]

So how come most of the people on this thread are saying 2 and 3 are almost certainly NOT insider trading? Since they have more knowledge of the subject than me, and since I am dumb for not realizing that all three cases are clearly insider trading, then the only possible answer to my question is, "they are imbeciles".
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