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Default Re: 50r bubble I aint never scared neither

if the villian has been raising liberally since you got close to the bubble, i shove. even if he's pushing only a little hard and raising something like, {22+, ATo+, A8s+, KJo+, JTs+} then you're about %55 to win.

equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 53.673% 50.25% 03.43% 131639052 8973890.00 { AdQd }
Hand 1: 46.327% 42.90% 03.43% 112395680 8973890.00 { 22+, ATs+, KTs+, JTs, ATo+, KJo+ }

even if he's not opening that wide, you desperately need chips if you're going to do anything impressive in this tournament. true, you'll be in LP soon enough and can try to steal, but i'd prefer to flip for a dblup then grind for tiny bits here and there.
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