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That is the basic answer that half of the other place arrived at.

but, why must there be an infinite amount of AA's dealt? Is it not POSSIBLE that you could be dealt 88 every single hand for 2 million, 100 million, infiite hands?

I'm not familiar with kolmogrov's law, but based on wikipedia it seems as though the probability of AA occuring is "almost surely". An example given on wikipedia in the definition of almost surely says exactly what I'm thinking.

"Suppose that a coin is flipped again and again. The infinite sequence of all heads, "HHHHHH....," ad infinitum, is possible in some sense -- it does not violate any physical or mathematical laws to suppose that tails never appears -- but it is very, very improbable. In fact, such a sequence has probability zero. Thus, there will almost surely be at least a single tails flip in an infinite sequence of flips."
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