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Default Re: Is Stoxpoker useful for a micro 6-max NL player?


So I started playing NL 6-max beginning of this year. I started with $100 deposit on 2NL --> 5NL --> 10NL and now (depending on the site) 20NL or 25NL. I played around 110K hands and my BR is up to $1700 or so. I have read all I could find on the 2+2 forums, but still I feel "stuck" running at 19/16/3.5 and at a way too small winrate.

Is Stoxpoker a good option for me to improve my game? Or is it more for the SSNL and higher community?

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Tell ya what. I am going to make a micro limit video this week just because you said something. It will be posted with in a couple of weeks at most. Good luxk with your game and I hope the video hepls ya.
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