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Also, ever climbed camelback moutain?

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Around a dozen years ago I used to climb it regularly and log my times. I went daily, probably 9X/week as I was either in the habit of going twice in a day or doing an "over and back" which involved hiking up one side, down the other, and back up and over. My best on Echo Canyon from the water fountain to the highest rock was 21:10, but I could clear 22:00 without problem. At that point for me every second was painful. I only ever got passed once, by a guy who became an instant friend because he was as intense as I was about it, and congratulated me as he went by. My best on the Cholla side was around 18:00, very proud of that but it ends a lot easier.

I still live ~2 miles from Camelback (I actually live on Camelback Rd.) but now work out at my gym, which is coincidentally at the base of the mountain. The whole process of the hike can be a hassle and I got too annoyed by parking hassles and the general lack of etiquette from a lot of hikers.

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Tuck, I thought "camelback mountain" was a previously unknown (to me) euphemism for banging fat girls.

If it actually was, have you?
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