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Default Re: How long do I withhold tips? Dealer mistake costs me $1800. (long)


Better dealers deserve better tips. If a dealer makes mistakes, he deserves less tips. So by making this mistake, you are certinaly justified in withholding some tips from the dealers..

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If the dealer made the mistake because they are not paying attention to the game, then withholding tips is perfectly fine.

The AMOUNT you withhold is something you might determine outside of the size of the loss that resulted from the error.

When a dealer is not paying attention and doing their job, they don't deserve a tip. Burning and turning before action is complete is one of the worst errors a dealer can make, not because it can cost you the pot, but because it means the dealer is NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

This deserves to be punished by withholding tips.

If you are playing TAG, you might win one or two hands each time a particular dealer is sitting at your table. Even if you withheld tips for a year, and the dealer was at your table once a day, you're still only talking a few hundred dollars.

If the dealer is having a bad day, and otherwise good, then withholding for a year is not justified - but withholding for a day probably is.

If the dealer is bad, and makes these mistakes often, then withhold tips forever, and this is perfectly fine.

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