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Default Re: explosion of coaching site spam and the fact? that mods are involv

Some of this has been my problem to struggle with, in a different way.
Even when I was performing as a "ghost mod" in Home Poker, I wasn't sure how over the line that HP was getting.

We're constantly giving free advertising to websites, companies that sell items, etc... just by answering threads and adding a link, or referring people to a site for certain items they are asking about. I tended to pick out the spammy ones, but our regular posters do this a lot (I did, as well).

I was even thinking about having a sticky with links, as part of an FAQ, to certain sites such as and, some of the game-listing sites, and so on. This discussion has made me rethink that idea.

I'm not sure if Home Poker should have a different standard that some of the other forums, or if we need to crack down somehow. I'm not quite sure what standard I should be setting in the forum.

AJFenix and Mat, thoughts?
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