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When I went to the Masters practice rounds in 2000, almost all the Americans were snobby-didn't interact at all with the crowd (especially Fred Couples) and almost all the Europeans were joking with the fans. Got a really good spot behind 15 tee, not more than four steps behind the markers. Daly hits his drive then hands a ball and his driver to a kid, probably 8 or 9 years old and asks him if he wants to hit one. Watching that kid get to hit that drive was awesome.

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Kind of suprising what you said about Couples. I have been lucky enough to walk along side him inside the ropes for an entire round at this pro-am thing locally cause a friend of mine is very good friends with him. He was very talkative and outgoing towards us. The thing that impressed me even more was that he remembered who I was because I had been introduced to him by the same friend about 6 months prior at the AT&T Pebble Beach tournament and walked a few holes with him inside and he remembered who I was. I have always thought of him as probably one of the better guys on tour.

IMO Vijay is a jackass. My friends and I call him the snake-charmer for various reasons.
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