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Ted still lives here, I don't see him very often though. A friend's wife works out with him at that studio and said he's lost a ridiculous amount of weight and looks great. No doubt part of it is quitting drinking - he loved to drink, and this trainer's brutal regimen includes no alcohol whatsoever.

Ted has always been a nice guy, just really laid back. Kind of what people think Fred Couples would be like. His parents divorced before we were in HS and after we won both state titles his father let us get trashed at his place. Say what you want about that as adults, but of course as kids we thought it was awesome. One of those nights was the first time I smoked a cigarette (thankfully one of the last) and the first time I drank tequila. Of course, I managed to throw up both nights and had to pay his father for the dry cleaning expenses. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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