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Default Re: p2p transfers.

Please get real and don't block my account, delete posts before my job is done. If you got that Convo you will know I'm the real deal. I never faked to be a regular in that convo lol?
It's worth it because it pays. I've made over 300K this year, and just about 100K last year and I first got in this business around may, I do this fulltime. How many made 400K in 1 year? Tell me? And there is NOTHING, absolutly NOTHING you can do. NOTHING, no sites can do nothing. I'm even writing this from the same IP i used here last time I was here(But I'm here with several accounts) and that's also a big part of your [censored] problem, I can switch IP like it was my pants, any country, any place. I will HACK YA, SCAM YA, ROB YA. Cus' it's easy. I will answer most questions if the mods allow me to(on the board, not PM'S) Cus most of ya get scammed because you make unreal bad decisions, and have no clue.... You'd be amazed.
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