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Default Re: p2p transfers.

Here's an actual sick conversation between one of the pieces of [censored] that will steal your money if they can con you into believing they're a recognised poster here, and someone who was contacted directly by AIM.

Always ask for a PM before dealing. (Although if you can get their playing-names first, it will help us get their poker accounts shut down.)

Thief [1:37 PM]: Hey can you do a 15K trade? Need UB or ABSOLUTE, have stars and ill sent first can do as much as 23K
Victim [1:38 PM]: your joking right
Thief [1:38 PM]: ?
Victim [1:39 PM]: my account was closed for trading with you
Victim [1:39 PM]: your a peice of [censored]
Thief [1:39 PM]: oh, your a old one.
Victim [1:40 PM]: whats that?
Thief [1:41 PM]: Didnt know I already traded with you, didnt use this name a long time
Victim [1:41 PM]: so still [censored] people over?
Thief [1:41 PM]: It pays good:-)
Victim [1:42 PM]: in that case send it to me
Thief [1:42 PM]: lol, hard work
Thief [1:44 PM]: Wich one were you?
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