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Default Re: Person to person transfers.

Every time someone alleges they are scammed I will copy-paste this post and add the new alleged scammer's name. So far, we have alleged scammers:

ace_acehigh on UB

alan227 on Stars

annathedonk on Stars

floppynuts92 = pkrblog = joshman on Stars [Note: See Note against pkrblog.]

HateToFold33 on FTP

JamesBond_AA on Prima, Stars and FTP

joshman on Stars [Note: See Note against pkrblog.]

limitninja = limitninja on Stars and FTP = limitninja15 on Absolute


pkrblog = floppynuts92 = joshman on Stars [Note: As you will find from your research before deciding to transfer with a stranger on the internet, there are numerous critical posts about pkrblog but no one has alleged that they have actually been scammed by him.]

p0kerpl4yer2007 on FTP

pokerplayer4352 on FTP

pushdonkey on Absolute

Randy Hickey on Stars



strongbad311 on Stars


TiltHappens on UB

Vegas_VIP = JamesBond_AA on Prima, Stars and FTP


In this post pkrblog [see above] told us to be wary of poster
(_8-(l) DOH! who plays as wsucoug2010 on FTP and Stars, even though no scam was alleged.


(Please pm me with the playing names of alleged scammers, so that I can add them to the record. Thanks.)

Please read all earlier warnings. Either we ban all mentions of transfers, period, or you must accept that they are entirely at your own risk; people are trying to scam you; you should obtain real life details, (name, address, phone number), about people in order to inform the police if you are scammed; exchange full details of the proposed transfer by e-mail; you should only transfer in amounts you are prepared to lose; google and Search the other person's name; ask here for references; it seems likely but not definite that most scammers are newer posters; if the other guy won't transfer first, transfer in a number of small amounts; ask the other guy to sit at a table with his bankroll in front of him; etc; etc.

If you are in any doubt, or unwilling to risk losing the amount of money involved, don't offer to transfer first. Realise that you are likely to be scammed if you do.

"Let the buyer beware."
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